Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unused tickets? Give them to a child


Most Valuable Kids (MVK) is a group that provides underserved children throughout the Cleveland area a chance to see the Cleveland Cavaliers, Indians, Browns, collegiate sports and entertainment events through an online ticket donation and reward system.

MVK takes unused tickets to any sporting or entertainment event, and gives them to local kids so they can experience what many people take for granted.

How often do you decide to pass on a game and let tickets go unused? Same with season tickets where you work? This is an easy way for people to help those less fortunate and it doesn't cost a dime, which is something we can all appreciate during the current state of things.

Help spread the word. There are a lot of children waiting to go to a game, a play or the museum - they just need tickets. If you have tickets, or your company does, please visit www.mostvaluablekids.org and learn how to donate. It's easy and you'll be responsible for some very big smiles.



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