Saturday, February 5, 2011

Farris makes OSU signing official

ELYRIA — He may have officially committed to play football at The Ohio State University on Thursday, but for Elyria senior Chase Farris, signing his letter of intent at his school meant a little more to him.

Friday, at the school’s auditorium in front of faculty and teammates, Farris sat next to his mother Dina and finally got to enjoy his signing day.

Farris was originally supposed to sign on Wednesday, but Elyria had to postponed school on Tuesday and Wednesday due to treacherous winter weather.
Despite the delay, Farris said was happy to share the moment with his family and friends.

"It kind of crushed me that we didn’t have school on Wednesday and we couldn’t get it out of the way then, but the way it happened — I wouldn’t take it back for anything," Farris said.

During the assembly, Elyria Athletic Director Jerry Chizmar and former Elyria football coach Steve Hamilton took turns acknowledging Farris’ accomplishments on and off the field.

After Farris signed his letter he grabbed an Ohio State cap and put it on with a big smile on his face.

"It’s been a long time coming," Farris said. "Just to sign on the dotted line was a wonderful feeling."

Farris’ mother, Dina, said she was glad her son got to have his moment in the spotlight.

"Today has been a good day," Dina said. "We finally got a day where we could all come together. I’m just blessed and very humble and I’m grateful for the community and all of our supporters."

Like any mother would be, Dina was brimming with pride.

"It just goes to show if you do what you’re supposed to do and give respect and listen to your coaches and teacher, then you can go far."

Dina said as Chase began to grow and get more and more into athletics she never thought football would be the sport he would excel in.

"The funny part is the sport he cared nothing about was the one that got him the scholarship," Dina said. "Growing up he played baseball and his main love was basketball. He carried a basketball around everywhere he went.

"He would always come to me and ask to go to all these different camps and it was because he wanted to be out there, not because I wanted him to do it."

The man who changed Farris’ fortune about playing football was Hamilton.

Hamilton convinced Farris to play football coached him all four years in high school. Although he is no longer the head coach at Elyria, Hamilton said he is happy for his former standout.

"I look at it as moving on in another direction," Hamilton said. "That young man has earned his keep and has done the work that is necessary in the classroom and on the football field.

"I was very excited for him because getting kids to the next level was a goal of ours when I took over the program."

Chizmar said that it’s always a special time when kids get to go to college.

"Any time you have a kid go to school it’s a special thing," Chizmar said. "Its shows you that the kids, coaches and teachers all worked hard and it’s just fantastic for the community."

Farris said he has no plans to go down to OSU early and that he’s going to workout at school and enjoy the rest of his season year. Farris added that he’s actually thinking about joining the track team in the spring for the first time.

When ask what events he would participate in, Farris just laughed and said, "Well I’m not going to embarrass myself running, but probably do shot put and disc."
courtesy of Anthony Rios

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